Mucky Pups

The Mucky Pups Session is by far the most popular, but don't worry... Muck isn't compulsory! Let's go on your dog's favourite walk and have some fun. 

The session itself lasts for up to 45 minutes, and is suitable for one or two dogs. Your session will be tailored to suit your dog. Whether they like to wallow in mud, or pose like a model. I will be sure to capture your dogs unique personality.

£100 + Transport Costs


The Great Outdoors

Let's get out in the great outdoors with your dog, I will document you and your dogs favourite walk, spending up to 2 hours running through woodlands, open fields or splashing in a lake - Each shoot will be tailored to suit your dog.

This session is perfect for 3 or more dogs, or for a more human and hound based shoot... Let me capture that bond you share.

£150 + Transport Costs

Pick of the Litter

Puppies don't stay small forever, why not capture those memories before your litter of pups head of their next big adventure. The shoot will last for around an hour, or until we have those adorable sleepy puppy shots... Whatever the breed we will have a selection of shots for you to cherish.

Your new puppy owners will also receive £20 off their own photo shoot, this offer must be claimed before their pup reaches their first birthday.

£120 + Transport Costs


The Working Dog

I don't know about you, but I've had training sessions with my spaniels where I think to myself "If only I'd caught that on camera", or you rope a friend in to help and have a selection of blurry phone snaps.


Why don't you book in to have your training sessions photographed? You spend so much of your time training, documenting your sessions is an excellent way to track your progress and show just what your dog can do.